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I know a girl who wants to cut her hair short (or at least shorter than it is) and dye it blue and purple like the twilit sky – but she keeps that curly mane long and brown, so that she can keep working. That’s the same reason her skin is as clear as un-inked parchment, despite the collection she keeps of tattoos she wants but cannot have.

I know a girl who grew up hungry and so she adores food. All of it, everything from the sizzle of roasting chicken to the drizzle of melting chocolate, fresh bread and old cheese, ripe avocadoes and bananas still tinged with green. But she doesn’t always remember to eat enough, and sometimes she somehow manages to survive on little more than coffee and tea, as if caffeine and the laughter of those around her are all the sustenance she needs.

I know a girl who still can’t figure out if she is an introvert or an extrovert, because there are days when she is lonely, when she misses the whole world and everyone in it, and then there are days when even the company of her cats is too much. She cannot decide. Maybe she is a bit like a cat, herself.

I know a girl whose body is covered with scars. Even though most of them have been rubbed away by the hands of time, she knows them all. She will point somewhat proudly to the longsword mark upon her hand, smiling over that kiss of steel, but she frowns because she cannot forget the cruel eyes that landed on her when she was an awkward teen wrapped head to toe in half-healed pock marks.

I know a girl who is both loving and loved beyond the measure of words, though she often needs to be reminded of it. She is part of a pack, standing shoulder to shoulder with rowdy men who howl at the moon, stubborn women who refuse to admit when they are wrong, and brave people who fall somewhere in between, wearing their bleeding hearts on tattered sleeves for all the world to see.

I know a girl who used to be afraid of telling the world how much she loved, how much she was loved, but the people who surround her make her strong, and for that she loves them even more. She is not fearless; she knows what it is to be afraid. That is why she lives her life boldly, making no apologies for who she has become, who she has always been. She is proud. She lets her flag fly. If she can be herself, just another bit of human diversity, then maybe the kids who are like her won’t have to grow up feeling as alone as she did.

I know a girl that I see in the mirror every day. It took her a long time to learn how to love herself, to cherish everything about herself, from the strength in her calves to the shadows in her heart. Sometimes she loves those parts a little less than all the others. But I’m glad she’s made it this far. I’m glad she knows that no one has the right to tell her she shouldn’t be happy. I hope she sticks around. I hope she stays.
I Know a Girl
If writers could create the literary equivalent to self-portraits, I think they'd be a little something like this.

Cathartic writing is cathartic.
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Change has abounded since the relative safety of spring, leaving Caufar Weyr and the Southern Continent in a virtual state of chaos with each passing day. The good, the bad, and the ugly have all left their marks on Pern and no one has been safe from the changing tides in our ever progressing game.

At the Weyr, the younger queens have been determined to disprove any rumor of barren queens among their ranks, proving themselves fertile clutch after clutch. Gold Rhaeath’s clutch provided 25 new riders, and soon after gold Cevineth rose in her maiden flight and was caught by Igen-bred brown Kriegath, providing 21 eggs and a questionable pairing between Cevineth’s rider, reserved Miaran, and her infamous counterpart, Karetta. If two healthy clutches within such a short span weren’t enough, a third was clutched within a sevenday after Cevineth’s…a foreign clutch laid by a foreign queen.

Sent to learn various training and flying drills with the queens of Caufar, Monaco Bay’s junior queen Keth suffered an injury during a nasty Threadfall while egg-heavy, forcing her to lay her eggs on Caufaran sands instead of return home to Monaco Bay…and among her clutch, a much-coveted metallic queen egg.

Weyrwoman Araceli met with Monaco Bay’s Weyrwoman, Resa, to discuss what was to be done about Keth’s daughter and the rest of the eggs in the Hatching Cavern and an agreement was forged: Caufar would keep the new queen to broaden its bloodline with the promise that the next queen hatched on Caufaran sands would be sent to Monaco Bay upon maturity, with the added bonus of ten to fifteen mature bronzes and browns added to sweeten the deal. Cevineth’s clutch hatched 21 healthy dragonets and provided the first part of the Aurora’s Tempest group, the latter half hatching with Keth’s offspring broke onto the sands not a sevenday afterwards. Fifteen new riders were added to the barracks, including the newest queen, cadmium-rich Haeleth and her lifemate, Anaheid-bred cotholder’s daughter Sacyna.

The queens aren’t just claiming the hatching grounds; they are stealing the skies too. Junior gold Sylfaeth has risen and has been caught by Neroth, bringing V’tez back into his old occupation of Weyrsecond with an additional bonus: Sylfaeth’s proud rider, Weyrwoman’s Second Anodelle, has announced that she is pregnant and claims V’tez as the baby’s father.

Not long after Sylfaeth was caught, her bourbon-colored mother rose in a triumphant return to the skies, pushing all rumors aside, and claimed Telgar-born Tireth as her mate, propelling K’var into his new status as Weyrleader. Everyone waits with baited breath to see if their mating will produce what the Weyr so desperately needs: a fertile Senior Queen. Will Alorioth clutch? Only time will tell…

While the Weyr waits for the dragonets that may or may not come, the women of the Weyr have been doing their fair share where babies are concerned, keeping the crechemothers and the healers up in arms.

Green rider Nephanee gave birth to a baby girl in the middle of spring, and although she is uncertain if brown rider C’len or bronze rider F’gon is Nafelle’s biological father, she is pregnant once more, and is certain beyond a doubt that F’gon is her second child’s sire. Green rider Tilaena gave birth to a healthy daughter, Kelaena, fathered by blue rider K’quel…even reserved Wingsecond Morgan gave into nature’s demands and gave birth to a fine son, fathered by none other than Assistant Weyrlingmaster L’non. If Naecoth’s rider wasn’t the tip of the proverbial iceburg, it seems that blue rider Heylora is pregnant once again, curiously with the arrival of J’sin’s daughter, fresh from Telgar…

While Caufar Weyr is getting acclimated to so many new lives and the organized chaos of a new Weyrleader, the rest of the Southern Continent has turned its attention elsewhere. All eyes are upon Western Barrier Hold, waiting to see what will become of the succession now that the heir, Lhiarad, has been murdered. The only other possible heir is a woman, Lord Grudar and Lady Lhiannon’s only daughter, Darhian, but even her legitimate blood cannot hide her gender, not when Grudar’s bastard sons are clamoring for the title.

If left unmarried, Darhian stands no chance at surviving the next Turn, let alone claiming her rightful title as Lady of Western Barrier. With no other options in sight, Darhian is pledged to marry a son of Three River’s Hold, Estaman, within the next Turn, but who knows what is in store with this ill-fated pair…

And what of Lhiarad’s cause of death? Sent to work under Lady Nuriel and placed aboard a ship with a questionable purpose, Lhiarad was as good as dead the moment he boarded. The few Raiders caught were executed, staked for Thread…but if a few bad apples spoil a bunch, there’s likely to be a barrel somewhere on the high seas. Captain Jorven is still snug on his ship, the proud Stiletto, awaiting news of a mercenary sent into Caufar Weyr…three weyrlings know way too much for the Raider’s comfort, and when Berginyon locates them…who knows what will ensue?

Our game is an alternative Tenth Pass Weyr (currently in our 34th Turn), meaning that most of the material written after Renegades of Pern (including Skies and all of Todd McCaffery’s material) is not canon for us. Our Weyr is located on the Southern Continent and women may impress upon gold, green, blue, and even the very rare, but infamous brown impression.
No matter what type of character you choose, Caufar Weyr has a wide variety of players and the opportunity to become the movers and shakers of Pern as we know it---from queenriders to cotholders, there’s little limit to how far one can go at Caufar.

If this sounds interesting to you, come check things out on our website!


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